Mindfulness Yoga and Ayurveda 

  Welcome IEC Wellness!

This is a great place to start if you are interested in learning about mindfulness, yoga and ayurveda. We all know how stressful the world is right now. Wouldn't it be great to have your own set of tools to navigate the world and its stressors? Wouldn't you love to learn how to be more focused, attentive, and have a sense of ease? To be able to relax your body and mind? If you need to be lifted up, there are practices to help you get motivated and focused. Please take some time to browse the site to find what you need to create a space for yourself and those in your life.


 The Goals

  • Balance imbalances in the mind and body through diet and lifestyle changes.
  • Condition the body through yoga practices
  • Develop more energy.
  • Creat a calm and energized the mind.

How former students have benefited from yoga and mindfulness practices

Serina L.

Former student

"..I think that yoga is probably one of my favorite classes. I think yoga has made me "stronger" in many different ways..."

Sofia C.

Former student

"... I really love going to school and taking yoga in the morning. It really helps a lot, especially with how stressful school can be..."

Leon L.

Former student

"...Yoga is definitely a great class to be in. Considering how it helps our mind, posture, and best of all our breathing..."