Bring Focus and Motivation into your classroom

Here's how

  • Bring yoga into your daily routine
  • Create a space that is quiet and supportive of the practice
  • Begin with 1 minute of mindful breathing
  • Pick just a few poses to start
  • Make it into a game like "yogi says" or have students mirror each other
  • Partner yoga
  • Chair yoga
  • Have students journal how they felt after the practice

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga Practice

This practice begins with the breath indicated for you. Where you see "IN" is when you should take a breath in and where you see "EX" is where you should exhale. Typically in a yoga practice when you extend the body or stretch longer you want to breathe in and when the body contracts or you shorten the torso you breathe out. Feel free you try this on your own or just breathe naturally. Either way is correct. Enjoy.