Movement and Breath

When practicing yoga there is an automatic connection to the breath. As you begin to move take note of what movements feel as if they should have an in breath or an out breath. Typically on movements that create length in the body, like reaching the arms over head, there should be an in breath. Movements where the body folds or twists it would be much easier to send the breath out. Begin to notice with the movements that you choose to do which breath feels most comfortable. 


This simple sequence is called a warm-up vinyasa or warm-up yoga flow. It is an easy seated combination of poses that moves on the breath. Beginning in a seated crossed legged seat as you breathe in lift the arms up over your shoulders, and as you breathe out lean to your right. Breathing in come back up to the center and breathe out lean to the left. Continue the practice with the same breath moving slowly and mindfully. This practice can also be done seated in a chair. Enjoy.


The sun salutations are the classic sequences of yoga. They are typically practiced toward the beginning of your practice as a warm-up. The sun salutation series warms and prepares the entire body for your entire practice. It focuses the mind by incorporating the breath. This is an excellent practice to start your day as it is meant to welcome and literally salute the sun. 

Each series begins with mountain pose. Here is a good place to take a few breaths and begin with an intention. The following pose is an in breath as the body lengthens and the next pose would be an out breath as the body folds. This breath pattern continues as you move through the sequence. All the sequences are a series of extensions and folds. Lengthening the body and closing the body. Every muscle lengths and contracts with the breath allowing for a practice of ease and grace.

Practice with Mrs. Jackson